Finance Your Vehicle with Our Team In Escanaba, MI

So, you've found your dream car, how do you buy it? For most people, this means either a loan or leasing. Our finance department can help you with that. Come by our dealership and talk to a specialist today.

Auto Loans in Escanaba, MI

Sometimes borrowing money by getting a car loan is your best option. Don't worry if your credit isn't the best. We work with almost anyone. Our interest rates are very low, making our monthly payments affordable. We offer a tremendous amount of flexibility. If you have an objective in mind, almost any of the terms can be modified.

Lease a New or Used Car near Gwinn, MI

Leasing is quite popular now. Like a loan, the lessor pays a monthly payment. But at the end of the contract, he or she returns the vehicle.

Which is better, though: a car loan or leasing? The answer depends on the buyer.

If you want to save money, a car loan is cheaper. Leasing only involves cars when they are relatively new. This is when they depreciate the most rapidly. The cheapest way to own a vehicle is to drive it until it's uneconomical due to repairs.

On the other hand, with leasing you get to drive cars when they are new and trouble-free. And since the monthly payment is lower, you can afford a better car. For some, this might mean a car with more safety features.

There are drawbacks to leasing. Since you're returning the car, you're not allowed to modify the car. You'll have to pay additional charges if there are dents and scratches. And there are mileage limits. If you exceed them, you'll have to pay additional fees.

We can finance almost anything. Whether it's a car loan or leasing agreement, we offer quality customer service. Come to Riverside Auto Group and learn more about financing a new or used vehicle.

We are proud to serve drivers in Gwinn and Gladstone, MI.