The Top-Rated Ford Fiesta Smart Features

The Ford Fiesta is quickly becoming one of the hottest sedan choices this year for its affordability and top-rated smart features. The tech features packed into the new Ford Fiesta are sure to help you drive with confidence.

One of the best smart features of the new Ford Fiesta is the Standard MyKey system. This allows you to control the pre-sets for any other driver of your vehicle. For example, if you have a young driver in your household, you can set an automatic seat belt reminder or a maximum rate of speed that the car can travel. 

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Capability Features that Make the Ford Expedition Great

If you enjoy the outdoors, you likely need a vehicle with towing capabilities, and that's where the Ford Expedition, a popular full-size SUV, excels. Voted best-in-class towing, this car handles large items with ease, and the built-in technology features offer increased safety and handling while towing.

The standard 3.5-liter engine along with the Heavy-Duty Trailer tow package gives this vehicle a 9,300-pound towing capability. Tow boats, trailers and other heavy cargo without issue when equipping your Expedition with the tow package. 

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Ford F-150's Toughness Makes It a Desirable Vehicle

Trucks are capable of maneuvering through regular roads, but they're also capable of handling off-road conditions. The Ford F-150, which is a popular pick-up truck, has multiple features that make it one of the more tough trucks in its class.

Made with a fully boxed frame consisting of high-steel strength frame, the F-150 is more durable than its predecessors. And although the frame is more rigid and stronger, it's approximately 60 pounds lighter than previous frames, as the materials were made using a state-of-the-art roll-forming process. 

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What Makes up the Infotainment System in the GMC Terrain SL?

Information is the key to safe travel in any modern vehicle. For some time, information was limited for the driver to physical maps, a speedometer, and a tachometer. Where there were once gauges to show engine temperature and oil pressure, lights took over informing the driver when danger loomed for their engine parts. Today, manufacturers like GMC offer infotainment systems to inform drivers of the condition of their vehicles.

The infotainment system in a Terrain SL is projected on a 3.5-inch screen directly in front of the driver. The screen displays information from 26 sensors. 

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The GMC Canyon: A Truck With One Great Bed

One of the most important features of a truck is the bed, right? After all, you want all the details that will make hauling easier and more efficient. With the GMC Canyon, a popular small pickup truck, you get all of those extra details that take a truck from average to extraordinary.

The Integrated CornerStep Rear Bumper will make getting in and out of the bed of the truck easy for everyone. And don't forget about all of the available extra features such as the spray-on bedliner, upper tie-downs, and cargo accessories. 

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Chevrolet Cruze Offers Superb Technology to Keep You Connected

The very popular 2018 Chevrolet Cruze gives you more technology than you need but everything that you will ever want! The technology is designed to keep your life simple while driving and make the usage of the technology seamless.

Each model is equipped with the standard Chevrolet feature "MyLink." The 7-inch color touchscreen allows you to listen to your favorite music or use any apps that you need while on-the-go. MyLink is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The available built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi is also the perfect technology that allows you to do so much. 

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Buick LaCrosse has a Five-Star Safety Rating

Many drivers have long selected the Buick LaCrosse because of the added safety involving with having a full-size luxury sedan. The suite of standard and available features from GMC make this popular sedan even safer for you and your family, giving it a five-star overall safety rating from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Not only is your driver's seat, comfortable, it will vibrate to let you know about approaching hazards. Lane change alert with side blind zone and lane keep assist with lane departure warning keep you safe in traffic. 

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Tackle Inclines Confidently in the 2018 Nissan Titan

If you plan on trekking through rough terrain filled with bumps and steep hills, you're going to need a vehicle that gets you through safely. The 2018 Nissan Titan is a sought-after full-size pickup truck that's designed for off-road trips.

The first thing you'll notice about the Titan is its impressive ground clearance. The large wheels keep the truck's chassis high off the ground, allowing you to get over obstacles in a snap. It also has high approach and departure angles. You won't have to worry about scraping your truck's front or rear bumpers…

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Performance Features Of The Nissan Rogue

Are you an SUV fan? If so, the 2018 Nissan Rogue may be just the compact SUV for you. This popular vehicle has been a big hit in the area, and we just can't get enough of it! Here are some of the performance features you can expect to find in the 2018 Rogue.

Some of the driving features of this all-wheel drive vehicle include hill assist, intelligent engine braking, active ride control, and intelligent trace control. With a 170 horsepower engine and a 2.5-L 4-cylinder engine, you know that the Rogue can take you places like never…

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Toyota Care Overview

Toyota offers customers who lease their vehicles the opportunity to be part of a completely free program called ToyotaCare. This program provides a number of routine maintenance items on a periodic basis that will help keep your vehicle in good shape and it will ensure that your vehicle is safe and reliable. Things like oil changes, tire rotations and multiple point inspections all need to be done anyway during the two year lease agreement period that you have, so to receive these items for free is a large selling point for new Toyota vehicles.


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