The Jeep Renegade Delivers on Safety Features

In the land of sports utility vehicles, the Jeep Renegade sits high on the mountain. The continued popularity of the Renegade is impressive considering so many SUVs present on the market. Looks and handling do boost the model's fame as do the safety features. The safety features may impress drivers the most.

Fender benders and worse are possible when parking. Lots of these collisions come with many distractions and scores of other vehicles and objects within proximity to your vehicle. With a specialized camera park assist, the system detects objects and alerts drivers. An alerted driver is less likely to get into an accident.

Rain-sensing windshield wipers might not seem like a safety feature, but they are. Drivers benefit from maximum visibility. Automated windshield wipers improve the ability to see the road clearly. Discover all the many safety and performance features of the Jeep Renegade for yourself. At Riverside Auto Group, we want you to go on a test drive and experience it all.



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