The Ram 1500 Features a Clever Exterior Design

If you’re searching for a popular light-duty pickup truck that has all the right exterior features, the Ram 1500 will surely meet your expectations. Many of these features allow you to perform a variety of tasks easier so that you can get the most use from your vehicle. Here at Riverside Auto Group, we offer these premier trucks for sale and invite you to take a test drive.

To make hauling items around town easier, the Ram 1500 includes a bigger bed than many other trucks on the market. The truck’s bed is also designed to keep items securer while driving. Your fob key can be used to lower and raise the truck bed’s tailgate automatically.

The advanced aerodynamic design of the Ram 1500 also enhances the vehicle’s exterior. This design reduces frontal drag by allowing air to move more efficiently while the truck drives. Thanks to the aerodynamic design, you can enjoy a smoother performance on the road and save money on gas.



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