Dodge Grand Caravan Offers Performance and Fuel Efficiency

Ever since its introduction in the mid-1980's, the Dodge Caravan has been a leader in family transportation. While providing a comfortable ride, roominess and user friendly drivability, the Grand Caravan suits the tastes of nearly every owner.

The new Grand Caravan offers some innovative features to keep fuel costs down. The first is the Variable Valve Timing (VVT) technology. Dodge engineers have engineered the timing of when the intake and exhaust valves open. The result is more efficient spark firing and fuel combustion. The more efficient combustion leads to more power with less fuel used.

The Grand Caravan has been designed to slice through the wind. It features headlamps that wrap around the fender, gentle curves throughout the body, and a low front air dam to prevent air turbulence at the chassis. We at Riverside Auto Group train our staff to provide accurate, helpful information to our customers regarding the Grand Caravan and all vehicles in our showroom. We strive to be the best and most helpful dealership around.



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