Capability Features that Make the Ford Expedition Great

If you enjoy the outdoors, you likely need a vehicle with towing capabilities, and that's where the Ford Expedition, a popular full-size SUV, excels. Voted best-in-class towing, this car handles large items with ease, and the built-in technology features offer increased safety and handling while towing.

The standard 3.5-liter engine along with the Heavy-Duty Trailer tow package gives this vehicle a 9,300-pound towing capability. Tow boats, trailers and other heavy cargo without issue when equipping your Expedition with the tow package. If you're traveling on various types of terrain, the Terrain Management System lets you personalize the driving experience for added safety. Switch between seven preset modes, such as gravel, snow or wet, ensuring your vehicle performs optimally. This feature comes standard with all 4WD models.

For more information about this excellent SUV, stop by our Ford dealership. See the car in person, ask a salesperson any questions on your mind and take the car for a fun test drive.



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