Travel Safely and Without Spills This Holiday Season

When you travel this holiday season, we want to remind you to stay safe from all of us here at Riverside Auto Group in the Escanaba area. The holidays can tend to be stressful at times, but be sure to take the extra time to pack your food items securely and in containers that will keep foods from spilling. You will be glad you did.

Be sure to also drive a little more carefully as well so that you do not have any spills in your clean car. Spills can be smelly and difficult to clean, but if you pack foods the right way, you will avoid a big mess and a big headache. You should secure food items with a seatbelt or wedge them tight in the back or on the floor so they can't slide around. You could also get a passenger to hold items in place if the drive is not too far.

From our auto sales team to your family, we wish you a happy beginning of the winter holiday season!

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