Why Choose Parts & Service From Riverside Auto Group

Like all car, truck or SUV owners you will at some point need to replace and repair different parts. To keep your vehicle running at peak efficiency and delivering the same level of performance you have come to love the parts and service center here at Riverside Auto Group is your number one destination.

With so many different parts and service options to choose from it may be easier to pick a service center closer to your home or work. But only here at Riverside Auto Group will you receive the highest level of customer service, genuine parts, and factory trained technicians. Most independent mechanics use aftermarket parts which means that the part was not built by the vehicle's manufacturer. This is not always a bad thing but it does mean that the quality of the parts will vary significantly as well as the performance of the part in your vehicle.

Riverside Auto Group use only OEM parts, Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means that the part was made by the same company that built your vehicle. The part you ask for is the exact same part that you are replacing. Bring your vehicle to down to the dealership today and make sure it gets the care it deserves.

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