Reasons Why You Should Stop Changing Your Oil After Every 3,000 Miles

With the latest vehicles that are being manufactured, it is a waste of time and resources to change engine oil after every 3000 miles covered. Below are some reasons why t=you should hold on to the oil a little longer:

  • The engines that are in the modern cars can g-handle some hardships. They are more versatile.
  • The oil used today has better chemical composition thus it stays useful for a longer time.
  • The synthetic oil is made in a way that it can stay in your car up to 15,000 miles depending on your routine, the nature of the activities you carry daily.

Visit Riverside Auto Group to get more information on the factors that affect how often you change your oil. Your car manual has such details as well but the technicians at dealership can answer any question since they have been working on your car type for years.

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